Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday, June 12- Camping & Ballet Recital

The yurts at Trap Pond State Park, Delaware

Yes, once again I'm in Dover for a long week end and am enjoying all the activities. I drove out on Wednesday and arrived in time to take Luke to his parkour class and then pick Lily up from her ballet rehearsal.

Thursday was reserved for Luke and my annual camping trip. This year we visited Trap Pond State Park. I was feeling a little lazy this year so I reserved a yurt instead of taking a tent. In light of the fact that temperatures were hot, humid and 95 degrees we were quite comfortable in our canvas air conditioned tent. We fished, hiked and kayaked and cooked our meals over our camp fire. We had a great time.

This morning we had hot chocolate, apples, peanut butter and left over chicken. After packing our stuff we went kayaking on the 95 acre lake. Trap Pond has the last remaining stands of bald cypress trees in the state of Delaware.

We were unsuccessful on our Geocache quest and lost the trail for a while but managed to get out before dark with smiles and hefty appetites.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 13-16, Lily's Birthday Weekend

May is birthday month in our family.  We kick off the month with Andy's birthday on May 4 followed by Lily's on May 7th.  I close out the month with a May 30th birthday.  Then there is Pop Pop Ed, Lily's other grandpa who has a birthday on the 11th and her cousin Lincoln celebrates his 4th birthday this year on the 25th of May.  Andy's mother also had a May birthday.
Luke's baseball game

This is Lily's first year playing t-ball

Here's Lily on 1st base!
It is amazing how much Luke's team has improved since last year.  

This year we celebrated Lily's birthday a week later than usual.  Andy, Evie and I drove out on Wednesday, May 13 so we could see some of Luke and Lily's ball games and gymnastics.  The party on Saturday was the biggest party yet and there were at least 30 children and we didn't even bother to count the adults that included friends and parents of the party goers. Lily got a trampoline for her birthday and that was the most popular while the giant slide was a close 2nd.  Pop Pop Ed and Pop Pop Andy manned the snow cone machine and were busy all afternoon crushing ice and getting sticky from the syrup.  The pinata this year was packed, by me, with small toys and not so much candy.  I must have overloaded it because when Ed lowered it from the upstairs balcony it broke loose from the handle and fell to the deck below.  Thank goodness no one was hurt.  The kids each had a ribbon to pull so they were not directly under the Rainbow Pony when it came crashing down.  Everyone had a great time, so good in fact, that we weren't sure they were ever going to go home.  It started looking more and more like rain and we deflated the slide so it wouldn't get wet.

and the pinata came tumbling down!!

Lily's birthday gift from her grandparents  Bichler and Foulk. It came with a balance beam also.

Party dresses

Trish and Chad's backyard looked like a carnival!

Deflating the giant slide, where's Tom Brady when you need him?!!

On Sunday after Luke and Lily had their practice for an upcoming gymnastics/parkour meet, we drove down to Rehobeth Beach and spent some time at Funland.  Evie was so cute when we finished our rides and went out on the Boardwalk she turned to me and asked, "Mamaw, is that the beach?". She was so excited that we had to kick off our shoes and head to the water.
Funland at Rehobeth Beach

Playing tag with the waves

Evie at the beach with her new "beach hat"
Saying hi to the horses at the farm.  This horse, Charlie, ate Evie's freezer pop earlier!
Saying good-bye

Jumping on the trampoline early in the morning. Still in our jammies!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, April 24 ~Brrrrr, You call this Spring?~

As I type I am shivering and just about ready to go soak in the hot tub until it warms up.  Of course who knows when that might be.  I was so excited when the temperatures reached the 70s and thought that Spring had finally arrived.  Ah, but Mother Nature has a wonderful sense of humor!  Oh, well I have some wonderful spring pics to share that if you view them in front of your fire place or from under your electric blanket, I think you will enjoy.  Keep in mind that I did freeze my fingers getting some of the photos, thoroughly enjoying every moment!
This is the largest of all the woodpeckers (unless you can find an Ivory-billed), A pileated woodpecker

They make distinctive holes that are more rectangle in shape as they excavate trees in search of insects.

I always delight at the return of our Red-headed Woodpecker.  The red is so distinctive next to his black back.
The juveniles have a grey head for a while until they mature

Our best spring surprise is the return of the Red Fox which have had a den under our neighbor's horse barn for the last 3 years.  In the mornings they all come out to play in the sunshine.  I have my spotting scope set up in the living room so Mr. B and I can enjoy all the antics of the 5 young fox kits.  The mom and dad certainly have their hands (paws) full trying to keep them fed.

headed to the woods for a food run!

Last nights catch, looks like a mallard duck

Have a wonderful day!!  We are headed to Cincinnati this afternoon and Mr. B and Matt are going to see the Cubs and Reds play tonight at the Great American Ballpark.