Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 17- Lily's Ballet Recital-

Lily has been hard at work preparing all week for her recital and tonight we enjoyed watching her perform. The Ecarte Dance Theater is a contemporary dance company in Dover that was established in 1981. The dancers ranged in age from 3-70. I must admit I much preferred watching the younger students. Although, Lily's teacher also performed and was very, very good. That might explain why Lily surprised us with her stellar performance.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Thursday, January 8~Baby It's Cold Outside~

Oh, my goodness! This morning I backed the car out of the garage at 10:30 and the temperature was 7 degrees. By the time we reached the end of our road it was 2 degrees. Last night it was -11 and is going to stay cold for several more days. I thought Tuesday was pretty bad with the snow storm that dropped 3-4 inches on the only morning that I have to go out. Turns out it wasn't that bad, at least it was warmer than today. I had to do a wolverine watch that was fun to watch. We have two new wolverine, a male, Alvar, from Sweden and female Guiotine who came from France.


 I don't remember if I wrote about Luke's presentation he was working on while I was out in Delaware before Christmas. He just got his grade yesterday and it was a perfect score and his teacher commented on his good presentation and creativity. So proud of him!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, December 29~Six Years Later~

It seems like only yesterday, in fact 6 years ago it was yesterday.  December 28, 2008. The Browns were playing the Steelers, playing pretty badly as usual when Andy headed outside at halftime stating that it was just too hard to watch.  Oh, how I have looked back and wondered if things might have been different if only the Browns had been winning.  I watched until the end of the 3rd quarter and decided to head out to the garage to see what he was up to.  Our newly built garage was a beauty, built to house our newly acquired 5th wheel that we would be spending winters in Florida after Andy retired at the end of the school year with 35 years. I found Andy standing on the 4 foot wide shelves he had built 10 feet above his work space for storage.  He was drilling holes through to the outside for the flood lights that would be mounted on the front of the garage.  I busied myself in the back hanging work lights above his workbenches when I heard a small clatter and a thump. Without looking up I jokingly asked what he was doing, falling? And then I did look and saw him flat on his back on the concrete. In a panic, I straddled him, digging in his pockets looking for his cell phone because mine was in the house. At 4:10 I dialed 9-1-1.   I had only called 9-1-1 once before in my life and that was just a mere 4 months earlier when I thought he had drowned in the St. Mary's river in Glacier National Park after he flipped his kayak.  I'm not sure which time was worse but I knew this was serious.  Within minutes after my call Andy regained consciousness, got to his feet and said he needed to go inside. "My head hurts", he said. The squad arrived about 10 minutes later and Andy calmly answered all of their questions, asked how they were doing (they were former students) and sent them on their way.  As I walked them out, I showed them where he had fallen from hoping they would reconsider transporting him but in their defense Andy was lucid and had refused to go anywhere and part of me wanted to believe that he was going to be okay.  They urged me to take him to the doctor on Monday as a precaution. Two hours later it became evident that waiting until Monday was not going to be an option.

Madison County Hospital
The headache was getting worse, Andy was pacing and vomiting but was still adamant that if he could only go to sleep he would be fine in the morning.  I called our good friend Margeaux hoping he would listen to her and then called my brother knowing that the only way to get him to the hospital would be by force.  Reasoning was not going to work.  We arrived at the hospital minutes later, by now it must have been 7 o'clock.  The ER doctor was wonderful and must have realized immediately the seriousness of the situation. They whisked him off for MRIs and scans and I was left to make the phone calls I had been dreading.  I called Trish first.  I'm not sure but Bob may have already called her because she seemed ready to spring into action making plans to come out and securing a flight for Sara as well.  Next, the call to Sara.  I had planned to call her earlier because it was her birthday, but she was living in Honolulu and they were 6 hours behind so I had been waiting until evening to call.  Now I had to call, not with birthday greetings that I am sure she was expecting, but with news that her dad had fallen and it was serious.  The ER doctor was back and telling me that they were going to transport him to OSU Medical Center. I dared to ask the "unasked" question, "how bad is it?".  His reply, "just keep praying!"

And so 6 years later, we are still praying and thankful for the many blessings that have come our way over these sometimes trying years. Some things will never be the same, we have not been to Florida yet in our 5th Wheel.  But we did travel to Hawaii just 8 months after the accident. We have enjoyed the birth of two granddaughters and have taken another trip to Alaska and one to Florida.  I learned, what I already knew, that the little town of West Jefferson is home to the most caring people in the world. This blog was started to keep Mr. Bichler's students updated on his progress.  I'm sure it was helpful to his students and the community to get first-hand and accurate information.  For me, the blog was therapeutic. Because the blog was going to be read by middle school students, primarily 7th graders, I was careful to always be as positive as I could without being untruthful.  There were many days that I was hard put to find anything good that had happened but it was the searching for something positive that kept me going.  The blog gave all of us HOPE!  I had many friends that helped in the most thoughtful ways, money for parking, snack bags to keep in the hospital room, sitting with me during surgeries, shoveling snow from my driveway and two friends that brought me supper every evening after they left work while Andy was rehabbing in Dodd Hall.  Yes, we have all been blessed, with family, friends and hope!  To read more, click on January 2009.
Andy shoveling snow with his new Kubota 

Andy & Evie

Andy giving archery instructions

Our trip last summer to the Smoky Mountains

Mr. Bichler's team the year of his accident
Andy was thrilled to be able to come back and coach after his accident

His last team

Our trip to Florida with Sharon & Betty

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 27~After-Christmas

Whew! Another Christmas to put in the books.  I have been exhausted for the last two days, maybe longer, I'm so tired I don't remember! I do know that it was wonderful having everyone here on Christmas Day.  Our Christmas Eve Service this year was especially nice and I enjoyed singing in the choir even if my singing voice has seen it's better days. (Too much screaming at basketball games I imagine).  Trish and her family were here for a week and we were able to visit Sara's new house and check out the Wild Lights at the Zoo during that time.
Quality cousin time
A belated mini-birthday party from Luke, Lily & Aunt Trish, and Uncle Chad

Our zoo visit was the same day as Colo's 58th birthday.  We saw the remnants of her party.

Evie with Santa
Christmas day started out pretty bad.  Molly, our dog, has been having seizures since October.  She has been on some pretty heavy duty phenobarbital and a newly added potassium bromide to try to prevent the seizures. Unfortunately, there are multiple side effects, none of them good but preferrable to seizure activity.  On this morning she lost control of her bowels and bladder at about 4 a.m.  I spent the next several hours shampooing carpets.  Our vets are in agreement that the seizures are most likely being caused by a brain tumor.  She has lost vision in her left eye and is having difficulty using her hind legs. She is being treated for a urinary infection which might have caused the problems she was having Christmas day.  So we are saddened by the prospect of what may be in store in the very near future.  Andy has become quite attached to Molly and she has been a great companion when I am gone.
Sorry, didn't mean to be such a downer.  The day actually got better after Sara, Matt and Evie came and then Trish, Chad, Luke & Lily arrived and it was time to open gifts.  Christmas is so much fun when there are children around.  Around 4, Luke and I went to London to pick up Grandma-Great who seemed quite surprised that it was Christmas Day, despite the fact that all the aides were wearing Santa hats! We have learned to appreciate the fact that she is happy in the moment.

Andy, trying to guess the contents of his present!

Luke was impressed by the life-size Nutcracker at the Madison House
 I had told myself that this year I was going to keep my menu simple and not have as much food since most everyone has usually already eaten a large meal earlier.  I'm not sure what happened but by the time I made everyone's favorite dish I still had way too much food! But it was certainly enjoyed so it really didn't matter.  Daniel brought his crew and Bob, Ramona and Adam came to help eat the Christmas feast.  The kids had a great time and we opened presents again and we all enjoyed each others company.  Grandma-Great enjoyed watching all the little ones and we were grateful that her health is good enough to allow her to get out and join us.

Mass chaos!

Grandma-Great with 6 of her 7 great-grandchildrem
This is #7. Courtney's little boy, Andrew.
It looks a little cold for Atlanta!!
Judy with Andrew.
Have you ever noticed that we all seem to have bigger smiles when we are holding grandchildren?
                                               HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday, December 12-Lily's Christmas Music Program

I had decided that I was not going out to Delaware since Trish and Chad are coming to Ohio fort a week at Christmas. But then I found out that Lily would be playing hand bells in her music program so my plans changed! I drove out on Wednesday and in spite of the cold weather I'm enjoying our time together. I arrived early enough to see Lily's gymnastics and Luke's parkour classes.

On Thursday after Luke got out of school we drove to see the lights at Longwood Gardens. They were beautiful and I hope to return when the weather is warmer this spring or summer.

Friday was Lily's music program. The Little School where Lily attends preschool puts on a very nice program, I think this is #4 that I have attended.

Merry Christmas