Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 4- May 9- "Girls Road Trip" Dover, De & Lily's Birthday Party

Finally recovered from our wonderful trip to the Bahamas but would have enjoyed some warmer weather when we returned.  We did get our garden planted with the exception of 4 more rows of corn that we will attempt to plant in between rain showers sometime this week.

May 7th is Lily's birthday and this year she turned 6.  Andy was not up to a long road trip so I found another willing and wonderful travel companion, Evelyn.  I picked her up from daycare on Wednesday and early on Thursday morning, 6:15 am, we began our "Road Trip" to Luke & Lily's house 524 miles due east.  Evie is a great traveler, better than many adults and 3 movies, 2 coloring pages and 9 hours later we got to Aunt Trish's house just in time to meet Luke and Lily at the bus stop.
Sideling Hill Rest Area, Maryland
We waved to a trucker on the inter-state and he waved back!
The walkway from the eastbound rest area to the westbound. Evie is burning energy running ahead.
Unfortunately, Dover was getting a lot of rain while we were there and the fireworks and most of the Dover Days activities were cancelled but the sun did come out on Lily's birthday so the backyard party was a smashing hit!
The Pre-birthday party Friday night

quality control testing the slack line, my gift to Lily 
The giant slide

Pop Pop Ed was very popular as the cotton candy man!
Lily requested a hula hoop contest
And the winner is.....Lily Foulk

Cake time

Gift time
Mother's Day was the first full day of sunshine in Dover for several weeks and we took full advantage of this wonderful day.  Trish and Chad had made reservations at Bonz, a brunch buffet in Harrington and after our delicious meal we drove on down to Rehobeth Beach.  As luck would have it, this was the opening weekend for Funland.  Beach and rides!! It just doesn't get any better if you are under the age of 10 and over the age of 60!
Happy Mother's Day
Collecting seashells 
Tag wit the waves

Funland, open for another season

Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in Rehobeth, and a surprise for Lily!

Happy Birthday, Lily
Our celebration continued with a quick game of Pie in the Face when we returned home.

 On Monday morning it was back to school for Luke and Lily and on the road for Mamaw and Evie.  And the happiest little guy was waiting for us when we pulled into our driveway.  Thanks, Evie for a wonderful trip!

Baby A.J. says welcome home sissy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 21-15, Nassau, Bahamas~Atlantis

Several weeks ago Trish invited us to join them on a family trip to the Bahamas.  We were both pleasantly surprised when Andy agreed to join us.  Ed and Peg stopped by our house on the 21st at 4:30 am and we drove together to the airport for our 5:50 flight with a layover in Baltimore where we were joined by Trish, Chad, Luke & Lily for the second leg of our journey. The flight from Baltimore to Nassau is only 2 hours and 15 minutes which is about Andy's limit for sitting in one spot.  It was quite a long walk from the tarmack to customs so he was worn out by the time we made it to the limo that Chad had waiting for us as we left the airport.
Our Limo to Atlantis

The fountain in front of the Royal Towers where we stayed

Behind our hotel

I, of course, thought of Sharon as I passed the many waterfalls on grounds.
We spent most days at the Aquaventure Water park enjoying the multiple pools, winding lazy river and water slides alternating time at the beach which was only steps away from most of the pools.
I took these photos on a morning walk before the park opened

The Cove hotel where Trish and Chad stayed

Entering the lazy river

riding the river elevator to the next level

Sand Art at the beach

More sand art. 

On Sunday we went to Dolphin Cay (pronounced "key") for a Sea Lion Encounter. This was Trish and Chad's treat for the Grandparents and kids!

Meet Sebastian

Ed got a special kiss!

The most important part of our trip, according to Mr. B, was our meal plan!  We opted to buy into the meal plan which gave you choices at restaurants on the Paradise Resort and I would highly recommend it if you decide to go.  You got a breakfast and dinner but we had a breakfast buffet and ate so much that we never needed lunch and we went to dinner early, around 6, to avoid the crowds.  Dinner included an appetizer or salad, entree and a dessert.  Trust me, if you didn't have a meal plan and looked at the prices listed on the menu you would not eat until you got back to the states!  Our 5 day meal plan paid for itself in 3 days and we tried things we otherwise would never even think about. One of my favorites was Seafire Restaurant down on the wharf.  The breakfast buffet at Poiseidon's Table in our hotel was great as well.

Playing a little music down on the wharf

Even Pop Pop joined in!

Sunday evening we cancelled our reservations at Olive's.  We had eaten there on the first evening and the service was really slow, "Island time", and we wanted to make it to the beach for the sunset.  We instead had the dinner buffet.  We spent the evening on the beach.  Unfortunately, as sunset got closer the clouds rolled in so the sunset wasn't as pretty as we had imagined.  But it was a great way to end our trip.

What a wonderful way to spend an evening!