Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday,April 7~Zoo & Thurman's

Sara, Matt & Evie came up from Cincinnati for a visit this past weekend.  Evie has become quite the little conversationalist and is ever so polite using her "thank yous" and "er welcome".  She still has to be reminded sometimes about her "pleases" as her asking often comes out as a demand but that is to be expected of most 2-18 year olds!  Saturday we spent some time at the zoo.  It was a little cold so we stayed on the west side of the zoo with the fishes, snakes and manatees.  We wanted to walk through the walk-about with the kangaroos but it was closed.  We had lunch at the Old Bag of Nails Pub in Powell.

Sunday I was bad and skipped church and we drove over to German Village and ate at Thurman's.  They hosted Man vs Food in March and Matt wanted to try one of their gourmet burgers.  It was fortunate that we got there at 11 when they opened because we got the last table.  The service was ok but we were there nearly an hour before our food came out and when we left there was a huge line of people waiting.  The burgers were good and Andy liked the deep fried portabella mushrooms.  We ordered a basket of onion straws that were good but nothing like the ones at The Counter in Honolulu.  We decided that it was great for our first time visit but probably not high on our "can't wait to go back" list.  We stopped at the Scioto Audubon Park on the way home and walked some of the paths around the visitor's center and took the walk across the wetlands to the play area.  It was such a pleasant afternoon and I could almost believe that spring is nearly here to stay.

Andy's bacon, cheese burger
Sara and I split the Western Burger (cheddar cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce)

We've also been watching the wood ducks in the creek as they search for that perfect hole in a tree to lay their eggs.  I'm hoping it is somewhere close so I can watch them through my spotting scope that I got for Christmas.  We saw the female again this morning.  Yesterday it was the pair.  I think they are the prettiest ducks that we have here in Ohio.
The male is beautifully colored with iridescent blues, purples and greens outlined in white with red eyes
The female is buff brown and gray with a distinct white eye ring
These ducks are easy to identify by their sounds.  Unlike the quacking of other ducks, wood ducks squeal or squeak making a woo-eek, woo-eek sound as they fly
Wood ducks are perching ducks with sharp toes on their webbed feet that can grasp tree limbs enabling them to land in trees.  Mallards on the other hand are dabbling ducks that tend to look for food near the edges of ponds by dabbing their heads under water.
There are also diving ducks...but that is information for another day!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, April 3 ~Lily's Good News

I have not been very motivated since my return from Texas.  Think I needed some time to adjust from going through 4 time zones. Going from Eastern to Central then Mountain adding in Daylight Savings, my body was not a happy camper!  If the weather ever starts to get warm, I think I will be ok.  I spent last week reading.  Sara gave me the book Divergent at Christmas and even though I took it with me to Alabama and Texas, I never did get a chance to read it.  Once I started I read it and then I ordered the second and third books on my Kindle and basically spent all last week reading.  The book, without giving too much away is somewhat similar to Hunger Games and based on a Futuristic America, Chicago to be exact with a little genetic engineering added to make it interesting.  Very good books but I still liked Hunger Games better!

Some of you may have seen my FaceBook post about Lily's MRI and MIBG scans that were two weeks ago.  But for those of you that may not be on Face Book, she had her appointment with her oncologist Monday and the news was even better than we ever dreamed.  Her doctor said that she was going to categorize her as a "Survivor" and it would not be necessary to do any more scans.  I couldn't believe what Trish was telling me on the phone and I asked her to repeat it several times.  No more scans.....and I was thinking good news would be scans every year instead of 6 months or maybe every two years but no, the doc said "no more ever".  I hope it wasn't because Lily spit on the nurse or the fact that it took 4 adults to hold her down for her IV but whatever the reason we are praising the Lord for such wonderful news.  Pretty sure that this year's 4th birthday party is going to be quite the celebration.  Thanks to everyone who held Lily in your prayers and sent all that positive energy her way.  Our families are ever so grateful!
 Have a blessed week!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wednesday, March 12.- Hot Springs, Arkansas

Today we did a lot of driving. We got to Hot Springs around 2:30. As we entered town I saw a restaurant that was in my 1,000 things to do or see in the USA before you die book. So, since I was driving, I turned around and we ate lunch at McClard's BBQ. McClard's has been operating in Hot Springs since 1928 and it is being run by their family's 4th generation. We then drove down to bath row where the National Park headquarters is located in the Fordyce Bathhouse. In its heyday, before the 1930's, it was the grandest on bath row. It was restored to it's former glory by the park service. We toured the building and were amazed by it's elegance. Marble tables and benches, tiled floors and stained glass windows could be found throughout. Some of the showers and steam saunas however looked a little scary. On the 3rd floor was the favorite for both Sharon and me, the gymnasium.
The owners of this restaurant actually began by running the town motel.  One of their guests who had stayed for nearly a month and could not pay his bill gave them a BBQ recipe that he assured would more than pay for his lodging costs.  4 generations later, I'm sure they would agree!

The menu gave a brief history of BBQ that said it originated from a French term,barbe a queue, meaning "from beard to tail". Since pigs don't have beards, the belief is that they were roasting goats!  

Whatever we were eating, everyone certainly seemed to enjoy it!!

A ladies bedroom

The beauty shop

Indian clubs for workouts in the gymnasium


Dumbbells and weights

A lift bed to lower disabled into the therapy pool

Stained glass skylights

marble bench

hydrotherapy room with steam cabinets

Ladies parlor

downtown Hot Springs

Bathhouse Row

more stained glass in the cooling room

marble hot tub