Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16

I hope everyone enjoyed their day out of school. Mr. Bichler was up early and hard at work when I arrived. Dodd keeps all of their patients on a pretty structured schedule with very little down time. Since Mr. B had been confined to his bed for nearly 2 weeks following his accident and then surgery, he now has to build up his endurance and stamina. He does a lot of walking but today he was scheduled for recreational therapy where he learned a new card game, Kings on the Corners. I know he is getting better because he was trying to cheat. Tomorrow he only has therapy sessions in the morning and he will have the afternoon to rest and relax. Mr. Bichler and I would like to wish the wrestlers good luck during their big tournament tomorrow. Go Riders!!


  1. Mr. & Mrs. B.
    I'm glad to hear about all the progress. I just wanted to let both know that I was thinking about you. Take care and my hopes for a speedy recovery.

    Kim Harvey

  2. Mr. Bichler
    I am so glad to hear that you are getting better. Everyone misses you dearly. Get well soon:)
    Abby Dickerson

  3. Mr. Bichler--Work hard in rehab--they made me work very hard all day every day. First they made me dress myself--putting socks was very hard. I had to eat pureed food for weeks. Did you ever taste pureed pizza? Yum! Work hard and get well soon. Jillian Barton

  4. Hey Mr.& Mrs.B!
    I just now heard the news of his Mr.Bs accident. My mom asked me if I knew about it and I began to cry because the first thing I could think of was how Mr.B still walks up to me when he sees me and puts his arm around me calls says "hey Buster" and something along the lines of telling me how pretty I am. I hadnt heard of what happened until today Im not sure how I hadnt but I got married last month so its been a pretty busy time for me! Im sorry to hear what has happened but I read all your previous posts and see that he is getting along and making progress! That makes me so happy to hear! Mr.B has always had a special place in my heart since I was in his class what seems like so long ago! Tell him Buster says hello and to get well soon so i can come give him a huge hug! My thoughts and Prayers will be with you!
    Brittni Keaton(now Myers!)
    aka Buster=)

  5. Mr.B
    Everyone at school misses you. YOU need to get better soon you can do more magic tricks again, so we all can luagh. We miss you lots... Get better soon..


  6. Hey Andy,
    I know how to cheat on "Kings on the Çorners" too, just like euchre.
    Get good at it and you, Carol, and I will play a few games.

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Bichler,
    I've been following your postings and it's so nice to hear the updates. I'm so glad to hear about the progress. Rehab is a long road but I know Mr. B will use his stubborn determination to make significant progress in his recovery. I know he will also charm the staff to his advantage :) Tell Mr. B he's in our thoughts and we are wishing him the best!
    And Mrs. B, make sure you take care of yourself while taking care of Mr. B!
    Stacy Flowers

  8. I am so glad to hear that Mr. Bichler is getting better. Everyone really misses him, including me. When I had heard about Mr. B, I was really sad and wished both Mr. B and my grandpa Charlie would get better, since they were both in the hospital. Mama Cathy and Papa Charlie both send their best wishes. Josh even misses you (I think he likes when you pick on him haha). Tell Mr. Bichler that I say I miss and love him!
    His FAVORITE student.... Bill Bailey :)

  9. Well Mr.B it's nice to hear you're acting like your goofy self again. Cheating at cards....come on now, you wouldn't let that slide if a student cheated on a test lol. All the Otis's say hello and wish you well!!

    -Danielle Alexander

  10. Andy,
    Read the article in the Madison Messenger about your accident. Wish you a speedy recovery.

    Gene (Madison County Historical Society)