Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday January 23

Well Mr. Bichler finished up another grueling week of therapy. After a week plus of working with his therapist they are all starting to catch on to all of his tricks and seem to be able to tell when he is playing possum. Today with a little coaxing he was able to walk 3 laps around Dodd hall a new career high. He also won a game of rummy against Mrs. B, Trish, Morgan (Therapist) and Sy (Another Dodd Patient). Before starting the game he was sure to warn Sy that Morgan was prone to cheating, so they both kept a keen eye on her the whole game. After another long day of therapy Mr. B returned to his room to rest up and eat dinner. Mr. Bichler had ordered a cheeseburger for dinner tonight however he decided not to eat it since we had a Flyer's Pizza delivered to us. While finishing up his pizza we read him all the cards he received for the day then it was lights out for Mr. B. Thanks again for all of the cards and letters they always bring a smile to his face.


  1. i am glad he is better =] get well mr b
    Lauren Pullins

  2. hello mr. b.
    glad your given them hell....keep up the good work.

    your favorite docent,