Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21

Another great day at Dodd Hall. The work that is being done here is nothing short of miraculous! Mr. Bichler is now working on walking unassisted. He even made apple-cinnamon muffins in occupational therapy. He couldn't bake before he went to the hospital so I guess they do perform miracles here! If they teach him to do laundry I'll be all set. Each day he seems to get stronger. Today at one of our classes we learned that for every week a patient spends in bed they lose 20% of their muscle mass. So Mr. B is working on regaining nearly 40% of his. Once the body recovers then the brain will start restoring the damage done to itself during and after the fall. So for now, we just keep moving forward, one step at a time.


  1. I am so glad that Mr. Bichler is improving daily! Tonight is one of the girls basketball games. Hope they win, especially while he is away. Keep getting better Mr. B!!!
    Bailey Gibson

  2. Hey Mr.B,
    Glad to hear you are improving daily. I just got back from our basketball game, we won. We miss you at school and on the sidelines. You are in our thoughts and our prayers, get well soon.
    Paige Fabry

  3. Andy, Glad things are progressing for you. I wouldn't let them teach you how to cook too well, or you will get stuck with it when you get back home. Stop at peanut butter toast and fried bologna sanwiches.
    I've been keeping tabs thru Beth ( Arnold).
    Hang in there to both you and Carol

    Tom Krouse

  4. Baking sounds like a good retirement career-Mr. B's bakery!
    Carol P.