Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th

Mr. Bichler is still in the SICU. We just found out today that they cannot move him until he is no longer on the medicine to help the swelling in his brain. The neurosurgeons are really pleased with his progress but it is going to take some time for all of the swelling to go down.

He also worked with the physical and occupational therapist today and was able to sit on the edge of the bed, stand, and even take a couple of steps.


  1. That is so great. I am very excited to hear that he is up and moving. Everyone is still keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. We miss him. We also can't wait untill we get more updates.


  2. Andy, your recovery is amazing!! My best to the entire Bichler family. My thoughts are with all of you.

  3. Andy,
    I miss you! The building is just not the same without you and your "I'm better than dog vomit" attitude!! I'm so glad to read good news about your progress and I continue to pray for you daily. Love and prayers,
    Jackie Fitzpatrick

  4. Sara -

    Thanks so much for creating the blog! Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone as we wait to hear about further improvements! We wish Andy a strong recovery and if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    Hailey, Rob, & Kylie Dunn

  5. Andy,
    Amazing recovery!!! The entire Bichler family is my thoughts.

  6. mr. b!
    hey! we miss you at practice and everyone, i mean everyone in the whole school is talking about you! we all miss you soo much and hope you recover soon! your in m prayers and i cant wait for you to come back and be our coach again!

    Get well soon,
    Malissa Dailey

    p.s- we are practicing very hard and really hope to beat liberty union next monday for you!

  7. Mr. B.
    This is your favorite student and former basketball player. I have been praying for you and thinking about you and wondering how you are. You and Mrs. B are two of my favorite people, I think the world of the both of you and hope that you are well soon. Sara, thank you for creating this blog about your Dad. You probably don't remember me but I use to babysit you and your sister a long time ago. Give your Mom and your sister my best and give your Dad a hug for me. Hope to see you soon.

    Kim Harvey

  8. Sara,Thank you so much for keeping all of us updated.  We keep your dad in our prayers daily and know that God has him in His hands.  You, Trish, Luke and your mom are in our prayers also as we know the waiting can make one weary.  Tell your mom we love her and miss her smiling face at church.


  9. Mr. Bichler,
    It is nice to know that you are getting better and making progress. The team hopes to have you back as soon as possible. Best wishes to the entire Bichler family.
    Abby Arnold

  10. hey mr. b! hope you feel better soon you are my favorite teacher!!!

  11. Mr Bichler,
    To the man who made me love science, which sent me down the medical path before becoming a mom and now one of WJ's bus drivers... When Bear informed me of the situation, I was immediatly concerned, and praying for you. My son is now in 6th grade and looking forward to having you as a teacher. I tell him all the time that you are deffinately one of the best WJ has and will ever have, and how excited you are to teach and how you make learning fun. You deffinately lit that spark for me with science (which I do still enjoy). I only pray for your continuing recovery so that you may light some more fires in many students to come. I also know that outside of teaching, you are an amazing man. I have heard many stories, and all of these well wishes are proof positive. Please continue your fight and we will continue our prayers for both you and your entire family. From my entire family to yours, get well and best wishes.
    Jaclyn Drummond Bus #2

  12. Good morning to the Bichler family. It is wonderful to read the positive news and to read the other comments. Again, thank you so much for setting up this blog. I hope that Andy will be in another room soon. It is amazing to hear the progress that is being made. Andy, I have read this in other comments, but have to say it again. School is not the same without you here...we even miss your jokes (I can't believe I said that). We are all pulling for you, and know that you have the right kind of attitude to make a full recovery, no matter how long it takes. Blessings to the family.
    Jackie H.