Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19

The week end was pretty non-eventful. Saturday was a half day therapy schedule that included sessions in speech, physical and occupational therapy. Sunday was a full day of rest that Mr. Bichler took full advantage of. Today was another half day because it was a holiday. In physical therapy he walked around the inside of the building 2 times and after lunch we played a rousing game of checkers. He didn't eat as good today as he has been. Guess the hospital food isn't as good as he thought after not eating for 2 weeks. He probably misses stealing food from the 6th graders during lunch duty! Starting tomorrow it looks like they are stepping up his work out schedule and Mr. B. is going to be pretty tired by the end of his day. He is scheduled for five 30minute sessions before lunch and then another five sessions after lunch. I'm excited to see how much progress he can make by the end of the week. Our daughter and grandson will be here Thursday so I'm sure he will want to impress them.
*Lindsey F., when I read your letter to Mr. B, his comment was "that girl is a trip and a half"!


  1. I finally figured out how to post! I'm so glad to read about Mr. B's progress everyday! Keep up the good work! I know the students really miss you and your great personality....No matter how hard I try, I just cannot be as funny:) I wish you luck in the remainder of your recovery process...I know you will do great!
    ~Amber Branham

  2. Hi Mr and Mrs B. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident and happy to hear that he is improving. Nathan and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Kristy DeLong and Nathan Mosher

  3. I am glad to hear Uncle Andy is doing so well! Tell him that I said hello and I miss you guys and can not wait to see you next! I know he is a strong and stubborn Bichler who can make it through any obsticle! I wish you and the rest of the family the best of luck and will keep in touch!
    love Amanda

  4. I am glad to hear Mr. B is doing better and so sorry to hear about the accident!
    I hope all is well and he continues to improve!

    - Christina Sapp