Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4th

Mr. Bichler is now in stable condition and will be moved out of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit in the next day or so. They took him off the ventilator yesterday and he is breathing all on his own and is able to talk. He was evaluated by a speech therapist today to gauge when he will be able to start eating on his own. Tomorrow he will start working with a physical and occupational therapist to start getting him back in shape. I know he wants to get back to school and coaching his team as soon as possible. He is making great improvements but full recovery is expected to take a long time.


  1. Hi Andy, Carol, Sara, Trish, and family..........
    Rick and I are eccstatic that Andy is doing much better. We have been praying for all of you several times a day, and have had him in our minds and hearts. Rick is sending him an article from, so you can keep him informed on all the latest Cub news! We will definitely be over to see him as soon as you feel it is appropriate. Until then........all of you know that TONS of well wishes are with you all.
    Mary and Rick Loochtan

  2. Andy,
    I have prayed for you every day and can't wait to see you again. I know God has much more for you to do and people who really need you. I pray for a quick and complete recovery. If you need any thing, don't be afraid to ask. You have helped me so much.
    Jim Clinger

  3. Mr. Bichler,

    We all know that you are a very strong person physically and mentally. I know, with time, you will have a full recovery. All of the students and staff at West Jefferson can't wait until you get better.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery,
    Margeaux Fox (Foxy)

  4. Glad to know that Andy is now in stable condition. Thanks for setting up this blog so that we all can keep informed of Andy's progress. I love the pictures, especially the one with Andy and Luke. We all wish the best for each of you.

  5. Im so glad to here that mr. bichler is getting better. All of us at school miss him very much.

  6. Hi Trish, Sara, & Carol-
    I am so glad that Andy is doing better. It has been all I can do to keep Kelsie from coming up to see him. Please let him know that she is going to do everything she can to pump up that team so they can win every game for him while he is away. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and please let us know if there is anything Wade and I can do! You know you cant keep a good man down for long :)
    Cherri, Wade, Clay, Kelsie

  7. Thanks for setting up the is wonderful to hear that Andy is doing better. He is in the thoughts and prayers of many, many people.

  8. I am glad Mr Bichler is doing very well. My grandma and i wish him and your family the best wishes. And that we are praying for him and his family! And he is my best teacher ever!!


  9. We are glad to hear that Mr.Bichler is doing very well. We cant wait for him to come back to school and coaching, our team misses him a lot! There's not as much laughing and funny jokes at practice without him there:(
    (although we love Miss.Fox too)
    He is in our thoughts and prayers, and we love him very much and hope we can see him soon.

    Rylie Curry and Missy Fannin :)

  10. This blog is great! So many people have been worried and praying. It is so wonderful to hear that Mr. B is going to be ok. He is definitely the best teacher ever! You are too Mrs. B!

    Kristi Scruggs & Lanie Wilkerson

  11. I am so glad Andy is making progress. He has been in my thoughts and prayers daily. I really wish I could be with Deb every time she goes to see him, but I understand, ICU is limited to the people that can get in.
    I cannot wait till he has been moved to a step-down unit so I can see him. Andy I know you will make it though this and come out just fine, you would'nt have it any other way.
    Til I can see you, keep up the good fight.
    Tom Omen (Big Guy)

  12. This blog is sooo awesome I love how the family is keeping us informed. It's really great to hear that he is doing better everyone in his 4th period class really miss him and so do the rest if the student body. I really miss his jokes and his cool magic tricks. I can't wait untill he's back on his feet!

    His student,
    Sammi aka Gabby

  13. Mr. Bichler and Family

    I am very glad to hear that Mr. Bichler is doing better. West Jefferson really misses his laughs and hasn't been the same, we wish Mr. Bichler a full recovery and that he gets better soon! :) Keep a positive additude Mr. Bichler is strong and has always been a fighter. We will keep Mr. B in our prayers and if you need anything we will be glad to help.
    with love,
    Balderson Family

  14. Hi Bichler family. Lots of good wishes and prayers sent your way. I believe that positive thoughts and such a close, loving family can work miracles. Guess that puts the pressure on you, Andy, to prove it's true. Looks like you are already doing that. Can't wait to see you for myself.

    Carol Pizor

  15. Mr. & Mrs Bichler, Trish, Sara & family~ We are so happy to hear the status of Mr. B!! We all know that he is a man that will NEVER give up. He is such a wonderful teacher and friend. Our prayers are with you all during this trying time.
    Best wishes to a full recovery!!

    Lots of Love,
    Randy, Stacy & Taylor(Alice) Sibbalds

  16. Hey Mr.Bichler.. My uncle Brian told me about you and i was sad... i told everyone.. and kept asking for updates... kept u in my thoughts.. Hope you get even Better!!! Cant wait to see you

  17. Mr. Bichler and family,
    We are all so glad to hear your doing better. We all wanted to let you know your in our prayers and we wish for the speediest recovery. Your an amazing teacher and West Jeff misses you and can't wait for your return! Get well soon:)
    your friends,
    the McGonigles :)

  18. i am glad to her that you are doing well. my step dad is in icu to. my best wishes.

  19. Paige Ihle and Breanna Byrum,
    We think this site is great because we love seeing how he is doing because we hate hearing him being like this. We miss him so much and hope that he will be able to come back to school very soon!!! We miss him very much and please tell him we said to get well soon and we cant wait to see him back at school.
    Love... His favorite students EVER!!

  20. The Anders clan are so glad to hear that you are doing better. You are far too special to not make a full recovery. Our thoughts are with the entire family each and every day.

  21. i can't wait untill mr.B comes back.. i miss his jokes and his laugh. he is the best teacher. my mom really hopes he makes out of this fight okay. my whole family loves him. he is in our prayers.


  22. Thank you soo much for making this blog, I have been so worried about him, and being that we are stationed out in California, at least now I can check and see how he doing. We have being praying for him. Mr. B, we love you!! Get Well Soon!!!

    Mandy (Warner), Patrick, and Aidan Milstead

  23. We are thinking of you each day and so pleased to know that you are improving each day. I have kept Sarah informed of your progress. Hope to see you soon.
    Mary Lee and John

  24. Glad to here your getting better.. really do hope to see you soon, everyone does!! We all miss you!!!