Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28

Well today marks one month since the accident. Still hard to believe what an emotional roller coaster ride this has been. As Trish posted yesterday, Mr. B is making remarkable progress. He did have a small set back last night as he was sick most of the night with flu-like symptoms. However, every day is a work day at Dodd. This morning he learned a new card game, 7-up, that helps with sequencing skills and visual scanning. These are things that we pretty much take for granted but brain injury patients have to really work at getting these skills back. Bet you didn't know you could get a college degree in recreational therapy and play cards and board games for a living. He also practiced his casting skills in occupational therapy so he must plan on doing some fishing in the near future. Tomorrow I think he is going to make lunch (grilled cheese and tomato soup) and I hope he feels good enough to eat some of it. Trish and Luke had to head back home to Dover today but they stopped by to see grandpa before they left. Luke gave grandpa a few tips on walking and helped him fish in occupational therapy. After lunch and a short power nap, Mr. Bichler felt a little stronger. So Amber put him to work in P.T. by having him walk on the treadmill on an incline for 5 minutes. In his second session 30 minutes later he put on the ankle weights again and did knee lifts and kicks, front, back and to the side. By 3:30 he was ready to head back to his room and wasn't feeling very well. We hope that after a good nights sleep he will be feeling much better tomorrow. Thanks again to the snow elf my driveway looked better than I-70.


  1. Its amazing how well he is coming along. All of us cant wait to see him again!
    Bailey :)

  2. Hi Mr. B, I am glad you're recovery is going well. I can't wait to see you back at York Steak House sometime. Just wanted to let you know the Mansfield's (Ron, Rose, Brandi, Brittany, Ronnie) are keeping you in our thoughts an prayers!

    Get Well Soon,
    Brandi Mansfield

  3. Hi Carol and Andy,

    Just wanted to drop in and say HI! Here is a virtual cup of soup (_)> to help Andy feel better and here is a virtual cup of hot chocolate (_)>for you Carol. So good to read how well Andy is doing in his recovery. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Mr.B
    I miss you at school. Guess what? Im getting braces on the 30th. I hope I can get there alright beacause I hurt my ankle today so I think I sprained it. Get well soon.

    Your student
    Garrett Beachy