Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29

I didn't arrive until 11 a.m. this morning so I missed the step-ups in PT but I did get there in time for the lunch that Mr. B had prepared in occupational therapy. One of his favorites on a cold day, grilled cheese and tomato soup. He ate every bite so he is feeling much better. After lunch we attended a class that explains the functional changes that occur after traumatic brain injury. At 1:30 Mr. Bichler was transported to the medical center for another swallow evaluation. Although Mr. B has been on a regular diet since coming to Dodd his swallow reflexes were not fast enough for him to drink liquids without making them thicker. Today's test was an x-ray of Mr. B swallowing different foods and drinks. We were able to see the video of the test. It would be great in science class as it showed the epiglottis closing off the trachea as the food and drink passed into the esophagus. It was funny too because it was an x-ray so Mr. Bichler looked like a skeleton with glasses as he swallowed. The good news is he passed the test and can now eat and drink anything he wants without adding thickening. After the x-ray he had one more therapy, physical therapy with Amber. It was back to the treadmill. Today he was on for 12 minutes at 1 degree higher on the incline. Tired but satisfied he walked back to his room for a well deserved nap. But first he had a ginger ale...without the honey thickener!
I tried to put all of his cards and letters on his window sill to take a picture but I was only able to set up about 1/4 of them. Today when I arrived he told me he had lots of cards upstairs to open and indeed he did.


  1. Wow, I can't believe the progress that Mr. B has made in the last month. Pretty soon he will be running through the hallway at Dodd. The basketball teams are missing him but they are continuing to perform well. The 8th grade team pulled out a victory against Berne Union from a 4 to 15 deficit at half time to win 29 to 18. What a performance, I wish Mr. and Mrs. B could have seen the team perform. (I think they were demonstrating everything that you both have taught them.) I can't wait until Mr. B is back. Missing you both!

    Margeaux (Foxxy)

  2. Mrs. B,
    Sounds like he's having a great time! Hope he gets better and is back soon. It would be a great video to share.Well hope to hear from you guys soon!

    Missy Fannin && Summer Ward