Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20

Well, lucky for Mr. B it's a four day week. He was busy all day long. He did really well though and it seems his endurance is increasing. He also was eating much better today. Guess all that hard work stimulated his appetite. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and the cards you have sent. In the 3 weeks since the accident there has not been a day that we have not received a card or letter either at home or the hospital. Thanks, what a great community we live in!


  1. Mr. B!
    Im so glad that your doing better. My niece had told me what happend. Im sorry i havent written sooner. I hope for a speedy recovery. I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the most amazing teachers, and an amazing person. You have inspired me in so many ways its unreal. So get better.

    - Cara Graessle!

  2. Good morning Bichler family. Hope all continues to go well. It's funny, I just keep reading everyone's comments to the effect of how stubborn and ornery Andy is....and it's just so hard to believe!! Of course that IS what will keep him working so hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you -
    Carol, be sure to take care of YOU.

  3. Hi Carol and Andy,

    Glad to here the healing is going so well! This is such wonderful news.

    Carol, since you are there taking keeping your hubby in line, I thought I would drop in and say Hello!! We miss you and the animals miss seeing you as well. Are you sharing your hot chocolate with Andy? You know me and my love for Alaska so here is an interesting fact for you to chuckle about between therapy sessions. For the past several days, it has been warmer in parts of Alaska than at the zoo. I have been comparing temps the past several days with my friends there.

    Stay warm and keep moving forward!! Maybe I should add my usual...have a moosey good day!! :)